A Day Trip to the California Super Bloom

Visit my photo page for a view of A Technicolor California Spring

I’ve been absent from The EuroVan Chronicles, as I’ve been absent from Gilda, our EuroVan. Sometimes life gets in the way.  But today we dusted Gilda off, checked her vitals, and road tested her. She behaved like a young filly.  So we took her for a ride to see some of the nearby super bloom of Central Coast wildflowers.

It was a perfect day ahead of the crowds sure to descend upon these magnificent nature showcases of color and joy.

Wildflower viewing without the hordes of people.

Today’s ride was to Shell Creek Road, a small country road in San Luis Obispo County just off of Highway 58 or East Highway 46.

My obsession was to find Baby Blue Eyes–a gentle blue wildflower that this California girls has never met in person. The local paper said they were in bloom–so Oly had a full battery installed and three of my four lenses were cleaned and ready to shoot. My fave lens, a Zuiko 12 mm lens I call “Billy Baroo” was in the shop for repair. Bummer.

Can I give you some hints when visiting the super blooms?

  • Be mindful if you are trespassing on someone’s property.
  • Don’t go play with the cattle! They don’t like you. They know their fate.
  • Please step lightly through the flower fields. Try not to step on those precious gifts.
  • DON’T PICK THEM!!! Let them seed so that we can see them over and over again.
  • Watch for holes and other things that you can trip on while gawking at all that beauty.
  • And there may well be reptiles, some that rattle and bite and are just waking up and enjoying the warm sun. Stay on paths. Leave the reptiles alone. They are not friendly.
  • Bring water and snacks or lunch. Often times there are no cafes nearby. TAKE YOUR TRASH BACK WITH YOU.
  • Mostly, enjoy this special moment with nature and let it seep into your dreams.


Baby Blue Eyes after the rain
Baby Blue Eyes after the rain.

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