Glamp Up Your Camp Food


Just because we’re getting all rustic and back to nature and stuff when camping, I don’t see any reason why you can’t glamp up your camp-side meal.

How about a really good cut of steak from your local grower who specializes in grass fed, antibiotic free steers? After a day of hiking, it might just put some of that lost protein back into your system.

Every steak, is a lonely chunk of meat if grilled corn, and a lush green salad smothered in a lemon juice and olive oil dressing is forgotten.


And skip the cheap red wines. Splurge with a spectacular red blend from any of the premier wineries from California’s Central Coast.

The thing is, as the smoke from the grill wafts into the air–pay no mind to those lurking vultures scoping out your picnic table.

Wing opened vulture