A Visit to Georgia O’Keeffe Land–Abiquiu, NM

O’Keeffe territory: The red and yellow hills she loved to paint.

You could safely say that I, not Gilda our EuroVan, has been lodged at the mechanic’s garage (AKA hospital) a bit too often recently. The good news is that my chief mechanic suggested a surgery to end this constant visit to the human repair garage—and I THINK IT WORKED.

For today, after months of hibernation due to constant internal combustion issues, I hopped into Gilda’s passenger seat, strapped myself in, and then Spouse headed the van into New Mexico’s Georgia O’Keeffe land. With Oly and her new lens, we have begun a work in progress. I’ll share the work as time allows.

Gilda at Ghost Ranch with Pedernal in the background

First and foremost, all trips to O’Keeffe land must begin at Ghost Ranch, just outside of Abiquiu. It’s open to the public. Our purpose was to gather directions to one of the sites we hoped to visit, and the gift shop — it was time to study up on Ms. O’Keeffe’s work in New Mexico via some new books.

Ghost Ranch offers a variety of reasons to stay there. When time allows, expect a camping at Ghost Ranch story. 

What makes this region special? I mean, really it’s just another western desert in the middle of damned near nowhere. Or is it?  

If you’re into fascinating geology, paleontology, anthropology, art, big skies, silence, exotic landscapes, and vistas that go on forever, you’ll be like me, this place is doggone special!

Palentology lives at Ghost Ranch
Get to know the coelophysis

How to get there. 

Abiquiu is located on US Route 84 in Rio Arriba County. It is north of Santa Fe. It essentially follows the Rio Chama, affording some spectacular views. From two-lane to four-lane, the road is maintained well. That said, winters can get ahead of road crews; be mindful when driving any country road like Route 84. Not all drivers tend toward sobriety. Don’t assume the guy crossing the road ahead will stop at his intersection. Just drive aware. 

We pack our lunch as there are a few places to stop and eat — but on holidays, summer, and weekends, you might be put on a waiting list to get in for lunch or dinner. Our next trip will include some reviews of the local eateries.

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