More Free Fun Near Hearst Castle

There are more free and inexpensive adventures on the northern end of California’s Central Coast. I mean, if you get as far as San Simeon, you may as well power up your VW, Westie or Eurovan a few miles further north up Highway 1. Arroyo Laguna State Beach, a part of Hearst San Simeon State […]

Gilda Visits San Simeon, Ca.

Winter! Not a good time for hitting the road in the Eurovan. BUT, California isn’t really having a winter. It’s a good time to roll Gilda’s wheels to the beach for a visit to Central California’s San Simeon, home of the world famous Hearst Castle. But wait!  Across the street from the entry into the […]

Gilda Goes to the Desert — Part 2

Ah! It was the wildlife sighting possibilities that drew me there in the first place. A year earlier, I read that owls frequent the campground. Nothing would pleasure me more than to have Oly at the ready with its 300 mm lens focused and zoomed in on an owl perched on a Joshua Tree at sunrise.

An Overnighter — Flashback 1955

The return from Big Sur on that breathtaking Nacimiento-Fergusson Road brought relief once we cleared the sharp drop-offs and one-car-at-a-time curves. The road follows Nacimiento Creek and the US Forestry Service has a few beautiful campgrounds that beckoned me back four-weeks later. Jesus, it was freaking hot! A triple digit day driving up 101 out […]

A Silent Surprise in Big Sur

It’s a contrary world outside of this sacred space. The call to depart the diabolical and daily absurdities of power and greed screams with the shrill of a wild fox gone mad. The unfortunate, but completely expected collapse of entry into Big Sur’s majesty is fortunate for the return to silence and a human-break for nature.