A Year of Northern Elephant Seals in California

Isu rests
Newborn northern elephant seal — thousands are born on the rookery from December through February.
Mother tends to her newborn pup. Elephant Seal pups are born on land. They do not know how to swim yet.
By March most adult seals are off the beach, and just the pups, now called weaners, remain. They teach themselves how to swim and dive.
The weaners weigh about 300 pounds and live off their baby fat that they acquired during 4 weeks of nursing.
Molting Male w/pink shield
Thru the summer months, the seals migrate back to the rookery to molt. This is a mature male in molt, somewhere around the month of August.
In the fall, subadult and juvenile seals return to the beach to simply rest. You will also see “young of the year” the weaners that went out to sea in the spring, return to the beach for the first time.


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